This website is primarily aimed at my undergraduate or master students, internship and training students. One of its functions is to furnish real-time updated news about lessons, exams, and external activities, but it is mostly intended as a student support tool.
In these pages, along with graphic and photographic documents relative to prehistory, protohistory, topography, and archaeology in general, you will find my texts, as well as texts by my colleagues and students.
I also hope to provide original researches and dissertations useful in the understanding of past and present (tourism and tourist resources in Sicily), as well as the understanding of general culture. This website is an attempt to limit the spreading of a lack of culture and the misinformation of our times which is largely caused by the wonderful method of communication that I am using: the web. The web is a mine of information, everyone can write anonymously on any topic; but who guarantees accuracy and validity of content?

D. P.


Sen. Prof. Paolo Orsi 1859-1935
Prof. Luigi Bernabò Brea 1921-1999

E. Schielmann
1822 - 1887
Gen. Pitt Rivers
1827 - 1900
Sir Flinders Petrie
1853 - 1942
Sir M. Wheeler
1890 - 1976
Prof. Gordon Childe
1892 - 1957
Prof. K. Kenyon
1906 - 1978
Prof. M.Leakey
1913 - 1996




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